End Times and The Book of Revelation, Teaching Notes
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 Revelation Wisdom Ministries, Inc. PO Box 218, McHenry, Md. 21541 www.RWMin.org Dr. William D. Dewar and Barbara Oktavec Dewar Ministry Vitae They have been in ministry since 1982. They are Ordained and Licensed Ministers through Joan Hunter Ministries. They are the Senior Pastors and Founding Ministers of: Revelation Wisdom Ministries, Inc. (RWMI), located in Maryland. They have ministered at conferences and traveled worldwide as Healing Evangelists. They also have a Media Ministry with a daily radio broadcast Healing Now. Dr. Bill and Barbara actively conduct healing and prophetic teaching seminars. To arrange for them to visit your church, contact them by email RWMI5555@gmail.com Teaching Notes These Teaching Notes on End Times & The Book of Revelation were prepared for radio broadcast on Healing Now; by RWMI and from inputs by various other ministerial sources. The Teaching Notes contain a list of the major characters and events contained in the Book of Revelation, from the Revelation of John, through The Rapture, various wars, Armageddon, Second Coming and Judgments.

(Teaching Notes are 8.5 inches by 11 inches)
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End Times and The Book of Revelation, Teaching Notes

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